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Houd u in.

Houd u in.

Ik schreef een mottig LinkedIn-style tekstje. Zo mottig dat ik het zelfs niet op LinkedIn durf zetten, haha. Maar inhoudelijk sta ik er wél helemaal achter. Dus zet ik het maar hier. Voila.

One of the biggest risks for a companies’ growth is a creative leader.

Say what?

Let me explain.

A creative leader can be a true challenge and actual brake on a companies’ growth.

In theory it’s an absolutely great thing to be bursting by the seams with inspiration.

But: all of this holds a true challenge for the organisation.

It disrupts 🌪️
And you need focus.

If you come in daily spreading the latest insights or aha-moments you’ve had while showering, you’re constantly triggering other people.

They might actually be in their own flow, working away on a campaign you’ve asked them to launch just yesterday.
They might want to be a great team-member and throw away all of their other priorities to jump on your newest idea and help you get there.
Your energy might create a never-ending loop of short-term, never fully finished, low-impact initiatives.

❓ So, what do you do?
Learn to spot ideas with TRUE impact from random ‘new’ and shiny stuff.

Ask yourself:
Will doing this thing really accelerate and transform your business?
Is it worth disrupting the current focus for?

Yes? 👉 Go for it, gather the troops and get to work!

No 👉 Park. It. And. Leave. Your. Team. Alone. (For now).

If you really need a way to get it out of your system:

  • Write it down, keep a list of ideas. (This also helps go through, prioritise and plan)
  • Discuss it with a dedicated sparring partner. Someone who clearly knows it’s not necessarily something to go and execute right there and then.
  • Foresee a designated creative space for unleashing all your (and others’!) ideas. Have a sparring session or brainstorm. Then go back to your focus.

But keep your focus.
And help others keep theirs.

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